First advertising business in the world with its own social networking platform - FutureNet!

Each pack generates up to 20% of the profits!

As many as 15% commissions on referrals services!

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When you buy advertising service in FutureAdPro, you get guaranteed traffic on the website which you advertise!  Geotargeting will allow to reach your ad to the audience specified by you! Depending on who has to see it and who is the target of your product!

If you do not have your own website, business etc., but you would like to earn money using advertising potential of FutureAdPro, you have to check ClickBank which offers you up to 50-60% commission from selling products by other users!

It is worth noting that buying an advert on the social media platform FutureNet you can easily advertise other profit-making programs!


FutureNet has been operating since November 2014 and is the first social media platform in the world which began offering the service of encrypting calls and messages! The platform is growing rapidly. In addition to typical functions you can create landing pages, blogs, play games and put files into a virtual drive.

FutureNet offers the opportunity to earn money in the matrix program, and rewards its users for time spent on the platform, which other platforms do not offer! FutureNet from the very beginning generates income from advertising and is one of the external sources of financing for the project FutureAdPro!


Using the platform FutureNet is free. Once logged on the platform in the „Downloads” you will find materials for promotion and automation of the business, for instance landing pages, video mails, banners, rollups, brochures, flyers, business presentations and many other useful materials. In any other business we have not seen such support from the company as we have in FutureNet!

In case you want to use products such as Future-Cloud, landing page generator, blogs, autoresponders etc., you need to have Media Points, which you can purchase on the platform FutureNet.

Whereas, when it comes to FutureAdPro, in order to earn commission from your structure you must buy a minimum of 1 AdPack. Additionally, you can pay a subscription entitling to receiving higher commissions from your referrals and purchasing more packs!


You do not need to sell anything or recruit anyone to the business!

It is you who decide whether you want to use only the advertising services and earn money from participating in revenue share of FutureAdPro, or also reap additional benefits by showing other people the possibilities and products that the company offers!


The value of the purchase of one AdPack (advertising package) is $10 or $50. When buying AdPack the advertiser acquires the right to 160 or 800 views of his ad, depending on the package type. This also entitles him to participate in revenue share from the sale of advertisements and other sources, provided that he watches 10 ads each day.

As a result, the advertiser can receive up to 120% refunding for the purchased advertising service, which is AdPack, a total of as much as $12 or $60!

5% of the received money goes back to a special pool that can be used only for the purchase of ordinary advertising service without revenue share, or subscription fee.


In FutureAdPro and FutureNet you will find many opportunities to make money. When you buy AdPack, you can earn money by advertising and selling your own products or recommending advertising services of FutureAdPro and earning up to the 5th level in your structure! From the 1st level you get 8% commission , from the 2nd you get 4%, from the 3rd, 4th and 5th level you get 1%.

Additionally, 5% of payments from FutureAdPro is spent on the purchase of the position in the matrix in FutureNet. In the end, everyone will get to the matrix. Moreover, FutureNet rewards you for the time spent on the platform , you can earn commissions from the sales of products, etc.

Few words about "FutureNet Advertising Program"


FutureNet officially started its activity as a social networking platform in November 2014.


The opening of the Revenue Share program – FutureAdPro, which has attracted the greatest leaders from all over the world.

Czym jest FutureNet

FutureNet is a modern and innovative social networking platform that combines the most dynamically growing online sectors: Social Media, Multimedia, Online Games, Making Money Online, Online Tools like landing pages, blogs etc. The platform is available in several languages and still new languages are being added!

Among other social media platforms FutureNet is distinguished by the fact that 90% of its income is shared between the users, thus providing funds to FutureAdPro. Invite friends, post, give likes, recommend, play games, do exactly the same what you have been doing so far on other social media platforms and make money on all these activities!

FutureNet earns money on advertising sales, resale of other companies’ games, selling their own games, online products, IT services, video production, computer graphics, sales of products in their own online shop, full service leasing (www.futurenetlease.com) and the matrix program. The company also has its own shopping platform FutureNet Shop (www.futurenet.shopping) where you can find over 300 million of products (such as travels, hotels etc.). The shopping platform operates on the basis of a price comparison website, so we can select the best offer for us.

There is a project of the first FutureNet Café! Talks are being held over the place in the newly created shopping mall in Wrocław (Poland), which is to be the largest and most prestigious. Visiting the Café you will get additional benefits, e.g. in the form of higher social media bonus points etc. Eventually, FutureNet Café is planned to become franchise model.


Soon there will be available vouchers for advertising, as Google does, and when the company decides to stay and pay, you will get 20% commission and remaining 80% will return to FutureNet. Work is in progress to improve the social networking platform as well as the application Messenger, which will have a built-in translator working in real time. In the near future will be created the FutureKids platform destined for children, with the effective proof of identity to make sure only children can register on this platform.

Works have been started on the FutureNet own cryptocurrency – it will be something massive and will create great earning possibilities for the FutureNet partners! Those with the Royal status will get the most coins of this cryptocurrency. Your tenure in FutureNet will also have influence on the amount of the coins.






Matrix program

FutureNet offers a matrix program which combined with FutureAdPro gives amazing results! During withdrawals from FutureAdPro, 5% of the payment is deposited for the matrix in FutureNet, forcing you to purchase higher packages. In the matrix program we earn commission up to the 10th level and also earn on so-called “paratroopers”, i.e. referrals of our sponsors (and their sponsors as well), who came to us due to a forced three-way matrix.


John signs up to FutureAdProand buys 100 AdPacks. He advertises, watches ads and during several months he purchases another AdPacks from the earned money. There comes a moment that John decides to start regular withdrawals. Here happens an incredible thing, because 5% of the payments in FutureAdPro goes to a special e-wallet until it accumulates the amount of the package, which John does not own yet ($10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000).

If John accumulates the amount of $25, the system will automatically upgrade for this package. Another interesting information is that we make up to 50% of the earnings of our direct referrals, i.e. when our recommended person earns $100, we earn additional $50!

Keep in mind that if our referral buys a matrix for $50, and we do not have it, then he is out of our matrix.

FutureNet Event - Wrocław 29 October 2016

Basic information about FutureAdPro

FutureAdPro is an advertising platform that delivers traffic to our websites. The project officially started on April 8th, 2016. With packages AdPack FutureAdPro gives us ideal conditions to advertise for FREE, what you will learn in a moment!

There has never been so well prepared revenue share program which has such a powerful backup of products! Every day there appears many such kind of projects, but it is FutureAdPro which deserves special attention!

FutureAdPro gives us the ability of geo-targeting, i.e. ad targeting on a specific target group selecting age, sex, country and language. This allows for a significant increase in the effectiveness of our advertising.

Three ways of making money in FutureAdPro


When you buy an advertising package – AdPack, you get 160 or 800 views of your website, depending on the type of AdPack you have, and also entitles you to participate in revenue share that comes from the sale of advertising and other revenue sources. All you need to do is to watch10 ads each day. The level of daily amount of money that arrives to your account depends primarily on the turnover that the company generates.

During the second event in Wroclaw (Poland), the company introduced new AdPacks worth $10. However, they work a little bit slower (at the level of 80%) than, for example, a package for $50.

  • 2 types of AdPacks – $10 or $50
  • You get 160 or 800 views of your advert + reimbursement of the costs of advertising and profit of 20% for each AdPack
  • Earning up to the 5th level of your structure
  • Each AdPack makes $12 or $60
  • Earnings every 15 minutes at the level of 1% per day
  • Watching of 10 ads qualifies for earnings for 24 hours
  • Maximum numer of AdPacks – 100 / 1000
5% of the earnings is sent to a special pool from which the money can be used only for the purchase of ordinary advert or subscription fee, which is not mandatory. About the subscription you will be informed in a moment. Another 5% is taken during payment, which is spent to buy a matrix in FutureNet, which is automatically purchased after collecting the appropriate amount.

FutureAdPro offers its partners a commission from the purchase of AdPacks by people invited by us up to the level 5.

Every time, when a person from your team purchases a package AdPack, you get a commission which depends on your subscription.

Having paid the subscription you earn higher commissions from invited partners and then you can buy more AdPacks what you can see in the table on the right.

In the case of subscription for $180 per year it looks like this:

  • 8% when a purchase is made from your partner at the level 1,
  • 4% when a purchase is made from your partner at the level 2,
  • 1% when a purchase is made from your partner at the level 3,
  • 1% when a purchase is made from your partner at the level 4,
  • 1% when a purchase is made from your partner at the level 5,



Advertising in FutureAdPro works great! Add a link to your website, advertise and earn! The more views of your site, the more potential customers for your product. The effective way to have the ability to reach a large group of people potentially interested in what you offer.

Thanks to advertising in FutureAdPro you can achieve much higher income and it can contribute to the development of your business, and thanks to the return, which is paid in the form of participation in revenue share, your ad can become completely free!

Remember that you are buying a product which is the advertising service. This is not an investment and wages are not guaranteed! Before registering be sure to check the rules!

Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions by our partners. Click on a question to expand and see the answer.

The rules can be found under this link: http://futurenet.club/terms

Please be sure to read the rules before you make any decision!

In FutureAdPro you buy a product that is 800 views of your advert. Commissions are calculated each day after seeing 10 ads per day and their amount depends on the income of the company. If the company earns nothing, then there is nothing to share with us. It means there is no guarantee of earnings.

Remember to purchase the product was fully aware, also check what benefits you will get from this purchase.

The current earnings on AdPacks are within the limit of 1% per day, so the package works in total for about 120 days. Preferably, before joining to the program ask your sponsor what is the current situation, because the earnings may be smaller or larger in time.

The accepted forms of paymnet are: BitCoin, Dotpay, Neteller, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Przelew bankowy, 2Pay4You, Sofort, AdvCash, Payza, Western Union, card payment through Neteller, Payeer or FutureNet Vouchers.

There is no limit on the number of withdrawals. You can withdraw whenever you want. Withdrawals are processed within 7 days, but usually the time of their execution is 24-48 hours.

The minimum amount to be withdrew is $10. Fee payment is $4 + 5% of the amount to be withdrawn. These 5% is not gone because it is deposited for the purchase of the FutureNet matrix.

No. FutureNet and FutureAdPro are protected to prevent registration of a second account. Registering of multiple accounts by one person is strictly prohibited.

In FutureNet everybody can sign up. While the situation is different in FutureAdPro, because you can have only one account per household, that is, e.g. If you register in the program, then your brother, sister, mom, dad can no longer set up an account in FutureAdPro. However, if your siblings or parents have a different home address, they can also register.

Basically, the case in FutureAdPro is simple: 1 account = 1 household.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro never ask you to download anything via e-mail, or for your login details. To be sure, always try to manually enter the address of the page directly in the browser.

Absolutely not! Participation in such programs gives you amazing earning potential, but it is always associated with a greater or lesser risk.

Using the funds which would have caused financial problems, or taking loans for this purpose, is not a good idea!

If you do not accept it, perhaps this business is not for you. There is no coercion, but if you decide to enter you should be fully aware of the consequences that may arise from it!

Interview with CEO - Roman Ziemian

You do not see the answer to your question?

Write to me! I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


Why should you join?







Time to make the right decision

Join to FutureAdPro and FutureNet!

First steps in FutureAdPro

Collect a bonus worth $10

Log in to your account in FutureNet and in your profile on the left side under "hobby" fill your interests. You'll see several categories: movies, sports, literature, games, music, work, family and relationships. In exchange for completing your profile you will receive 1,000 media points, which are the equivalent of $10, and you will be able to exchange them for the company's products.

FutureNet marketing plan

Download the presentation of the FutureNet marketing plan. There you will find much more than just matrixes! Kliknij i pobierz

FutureAdPro marketing plan

Download the presentation of the FutureAdPro marketing plan. You will learn much more, e.g. about the prizes for the partners! Kliknij i pobierz

What does Lucky Team offer:

Full Support

You will get help from the whole group of Lucky Team! We will teach you how to effectively promote yourself online and build your image. You will get a tremendous amount of knowledge in the form of guides and personal mentoring!

Business Tools

Each partner from the group Lucky Team will receive tools for business promotion fully FOR FREE! People who use them are delighted by the effects, and they are happy that they do not have to waste time and money on their creation.

New relationship

You will build new relationships, meet fantastic people, like-minded, with large experience, and perhaps these contacts in the future will help you in implementing your plans and goals.

As a partner of our group is all you get for FREE!

Each partner of our group, who purchases a minimum of 1 AdPack, will receive a personal partner website containing a description of the project FutureAdPro with a ready mailing list, landing pages generator, a place on your photo, contact information and a referral link. There is also the possibility of connecting your own domain. By this website informing and acquiring new customers to FutureAdPro will be much easier!

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